الخميس، 3 مايو 2012


April has been really nice to me.
Here are some random stuff from April.

I'm not really fond of shoes as much as I have fetishes for clothes, hats and bags;
But I think I chose okay (?)

Steve Madden P-Ginger, NDS (asked my dad for it so I can play Japanese games, lol)
and Steve Madden Wagger.

I was chosen in the viewer special in J-Melo.
And it was even commented by a Japanese Culture Diplomat.
(old picture too.. gross, lol)

I forgot the date but when we went to Dubai mall to go to Kinokuniya
and then ate at the Korean Resto..

Finally got Scawaii.. (Maybe I would post my coord picks soon)
(That's my mom's dog's paw on the upper-right)

I'm going to leave a picture of my coordinate that day:

(NDS wasn't for props but I was really playing when my mom dragged us to the hallway to take a pic)
P.S. I have yucky hair with un-dyed bleach but I'm going to do it today and a haircut by the weekend.

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