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It's Middle East's First ever Comic Con!
a.k.a. Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC)

It's my first ever comic con as well;
I dislike crowds so I don't really go to comic cons even back in the Philippines.

I finally cosplayed for once and all!
Guess who I cosplayed?

It's Anarchy Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt!

And my family were doubting if people would know this character since it's a new anime.
I didn't really expect people to know this character as well.

But I was so happy when I hear people shouting,

I mean, I'm walking and I hear 5-10meters away then
they would hurriedly go to me and ask for a picture.
So this is how cosplaying feels.
I got my goal of being in a cosplay and I'd be surrounded with cameras and fans.

But of course, the fangirl in me didn't stop coming out of Stocking.
Whenever I see a favorite character of mine, I'd be squealing in joy.

Some of the cosplayers at the event:


More photos (credits to the rightful owners):

Can I just say it's one of the best days of my life?!
Even if I got bruises on my feet, my head hurt on how heavy the wig is, and how hot it got;
I didn't care because I met so many nice people and had so much fun.
I only went on the first day since I was so tired.

People kept asking me, "Where's Panty?" and I'd answer them with:
"I killed her, remember?" then smile at them.

Anyways, there was this gorgeous nice lady who asked to take a photo with me,
and I noticed.. She may be the grown-up version of Panty..
Seriously, Blonde hair + Hoop earrings + Red Dress, see?

I was flustered all day because people kept on complimenting me;
They'd say I look like a doll, my eye-make up was really pretty (Sorry to disappoint but that's
just my daily make-up, lol), and I was a lovely Stocking.
Some of the merchandise I got (though the mangas are just from Kinokuniya)

Stocking is a happy fangirl.

The only legit photo I got where I can see my cosplay.

(To be updated soon when I'm not lazy anymore)

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